We leave for Colorado in just a few hours. We’ll have a couple of days in Leadville before meeting up with Alan Arnette, Jim Davidson, Patrick Vall, and Robert LeClair.

Rough Timeline
Leave Houston – Tuesday – 04/21/09 – 6:00 PM
Arrive Leadville, Colorado – Wednesday 04/22/09 PM
John, Jermaine, Alan establish camp – Friday 04/24/09 – AM
Jim arrives at camp – Friday 04/24/09 – PM
John, Jermaine, Alan & Jim attempt Belford, then Oxford – Saturday 04/25/09
Robert and Patrick arrive at camp – Saturday 04/25/09 – PM
Jim may have to leave after Belford & Oxford – Saturday 04/25/09 PM
Group attempts Missouri – Sunday 04/26/09 AM
Group hikes out – Monday 04/27/09 AM

Satellite Tracking
SPOT Messenger Updates (?)

TeamNSC – We’ll be sending periodic “OK” status updates to this Twitter account from our SPOT satellite messenger in addition to any other updates we can get out.
Johnwlittle (John Little)
Jgonzales (Jermaine Gonzales)
Alanarnette (Alan Arnettte)

We may not be able to respond to messages during the climb but we might be able to read them so feel free to send them on. We’ll reply when we can.

Photo set from our arrival in Leadville
Some shots taken at sunrise on day 2.

National Weather Service

Avalanche Watches and Warnings
Colorado Avalanche Information Center

Pre-Climb Preparation Updates
Climb Announcement

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